15oz can Vine ripe tomato sauce $.66 each

15oz can Vine ripe stewed tomatoes $.64 each

14.5oz can Vine ripe diced tomatoes – low sodium $.65 each

24oz can Del Monte Traditional Pasta Sauce $1.09 each

13oz Premier Pantry Instant Potatoes- stand up pouch $1.20

15oz can Mother’s Maid Whole Potatoes $.59 each

15.25oz can Early Garden Whole Kernel Corn $.61 each

15oz can Richfield Farm Sweet peas $.34 each

15.5oz can Winn Dixie Great Northern Beans $.57 each

15oz can Mother’s Maid Pinto Beans $.61 each

7.5oz Southgate Pork & Beans $.69 each

28oz can Cowboy Billy’s Homestyle Baked Beans $.89 each

1Lb bag Jarron Dry Pinto Beans $.66 each

16oz bag Gulf Pacific Long grain white rice $.65 each

5.6oz box Loretta Stroganoff Dinner $.85 each

5.8oz box Loretta Cheeseburger Dinner $.85 each

5.8oz box Loretta Alfredo Chicken Dinner $.85 each

12.5oz can Crider Premium Chicken Breast $1.53 each

10.5oz can Tasty Kitchen Chicken & Rice soup- condensed $.62

10oz can Tasty Kitchen Cream of Mushroom soup- cond. $.59

15oz can Southgate Beef stew $.95 each

15oz can Southgate Chili w/Beans $1.05 each

1.25oz pack Spice Time Country Gravy Mix $.47 each

15oz can Finest Spaghetti in Tomato Sauce with Meat $.89 each

15oz can Finest Beef Ravioli $.89 each

1oz packet Supreme Beef Stew Seasoning sauce $.47 each

7.5oz packet Loretta Corn Muffin Mix $.59 each

10oz jar ABC Creamy Peanut Butter $.84 each

13.4oz jar Richfield Farms Strawberry Preserves $.89 each

13.4oz jar Richfield Farms Grape Jelly $.89 each

25 sq ft roll Home Smart Premium Heavy duty Aluminum Foil $.75

1 pack DG Home Facial Tissue $.59 each

4 roll pack Casa Natura Bath Tissue $1.28 each

50 ct pack Home Smart Sandwich Bags $.75

15ct pk Ri-Pac 8 Gallon White Garbage Bags w Drawstring $.79  

12ct pk Ri-Pack 13 Gallon Drawstring White Garbage Bags  $.79

12oz Health Smart Shampoo- Lavender Fields $.89 each

12oz Health Smart Lavender Conditioner $.89 each

5 Lb BBQ pork with sauce $5.00

SAME DAY OR NEXT DAY pick-up only or your request will roll back into inventory. Thank you for your consideration as we are limited on freezer space.

2.5 Lb Smithfield Pork Roast $2.50

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4 Lb Ham $3.75

Please note: For SCRM's Weekly and Monthly Participants only!

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