Getting Started

You have been patiently waiting for this very moment to come! Your ministry name has made it to the top of the waiting list!

What happens now?

Step 1: One of our amazing staff members will contact you to share the GREAT NEWS! Remember, if we do not have the correct info to reach you there is a chance your wait will be in vain. Please make sure you call and let us know if there are any changes in your contact information. Once we have attempted to contact you (e-mail or phone), we will allow 2 business days for you to respond. If you do not respond, we will in respect move to the next ministry in line. Once contact is made, you will be ready to start your weekly pick-up without delay because your paperwork has been received, approved, and filed thanks to our registration process. What happens if I am out of town or away for more than 2 business days and do not get the message? Put your mind at ease. As long as you contact us upon your return and communicate to us the delay, we will work to assure you the next available opening.

Step 2: At the time of notification you will be given an appointment time for your ministry to come and meet our staff. We will give you a tour of the facility, walk you through the process first hand to show you what God is doing here at SCRM, and answer any further questions you may have. Once it is clear to you how the operations work, you will be assigned a time slot to which your ministry representative will pick-up on our distribution dates. Southern Crescent’s acknowledgment form states: “SCRM only guarantees one truckload of food per month.” However, we are blessed to say SCRM has had a distribution 50 weeks out of the year  for over 17 years! God is so good! We are committed to serving you and your ministry. Please see the calendar for all scheduled distribution dates for 2015.

Step 3: When you arrive to receive your distribution you will be greeted at the entrance of the warehouse by one of our volunteers. They will check your ministry off the list (and receive the monthly support payment if needed) for the week, showing we have serviced your ministry. You then will pull through the warehouse to the next stopping point. At this time you will shut off your engine and exit the vehicle. Two carts will be brought to your vehicle by our volunteers and if available they will assist you in loading the product into your vehicle. PLEASE NOTE, it is your responsibility to load the product. We will assist you if volunteers are available and you allow us to. Once the product is loaded, you are able to restart your vehicle and proceed to exit the warehouse. There are times during this process you may be asked to pull your vehicle forward to keep the line moving. Thank you in advance for your cooperation! We request that you pick-up your product in a size appropriate vehicle. If the entire load will not fit, we request that you load the perishables first. It is important to SCRM that all donated products are sent out and distributed to meet the needs of as many people possible! Again, thank you for being a part of such an amazing outreach ministry!

Families for Pan/Pandas Awareness:
Muscular Dystrophy
Natural Resources Defense Council: http://www.nrdc/food/files/dating-game-IB.pdf
God's Pit Crew:
Redwood Plastics:

Volunteer & Donate

Two of the most asked questions are simply: “How can I be a part of Southern Crescent Resource Ministry?" and "When can I get started?”

These questions are asked with excitement and urgency! This is very humbling and exciting to all of us here at SCRM. We are on a mission to not only keep you informed every step of the way but to also remind YOU how important and amazingly loved YOU are by God and Southern Crescent Resource Ministry.

“Here You Matter!”  

Step 1: Call our office at 770-320-8200 and request to be put on the waiting list.

Step 2: Ask about our Monthly Distribution, new as of May 2015! The Monthly Distribution  will not only get you and  your  ministry pre-registered and ready for the weekly distribution,  it will also allow you to receive 15 non-perishable items while you wait each Month  you choose to participate!

Step 3: One of our staff members will walk you through everything else! God bless you and we can’t wait to serve with you!


Monthly Distribution

If you are interested in volunteering or have products to donate,
please contact our office at 770-320-8200. We look forward to hearing from you!



Weekly Distribution

Once you have been placed on the waiting list for the weekly distribution  you become eligible for the "Monthly Distribution" program. The way this program works is simple!  Each person registered with SCRM will have the option to pick up 15 items each month by appointment only (Tuesday-Thursday between 9am and 3pm. *PLEASE NOTE if you participate in the monthly distribution you are also eligible to participate in the "Special Foods Division" program!  

We pray daily for God to send us His people in need so we can assist them and give us the resources to do so. This program will not only get the paper work needed, on file, it will also provide a way for us to reach out to all that the Lord has sent our way. Although we are not able to give an accurate description of the items available each month  we can give the PROMISE we through FAITH are providing  something!


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