If you are interested in volunteering or have products to donate,
please contact our office at 770-320-8200. We look forward to hearing from you!


Families for Pan/Pandas Awareness: http://fightingpansandpandas.com/
Muscular Dystrophy Association:www.mda.org/lockup/toolkit
Natural Resources Defense Council: http://www.nrdc/food/files/dating-game-IB.pdf
God's Pit Crew: http://godspitcrew.org/
Redwood Plastics: www.redwoodplastics.com

Volunteer & Donate

Two of the most asked questions are simply: “How can I be a part of Southern Crescent Resource Ministry?" and "When can I get started?”

These questions are asked with excitement and urgency! This is very humbling and exciting to all of us here at SCRM. We are on a mission to not only keep you informed every step of the way but to also remind YOU how important and amazingly loved YOU are by God and Southern Crescent Resource Ministry.

“Here You Matter!”  

Call our office at 770-320-8200 to learn how you can receive food.


Getting Started


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